BridgeParents is one of our flagship products for education sector.

BridgeParents is driven by the thought to bridge the communication gap between teachers, management, students, parents, and to capture the students performance, emotions, ideas and memories that these years create and help parents get involved in their kids education.

1. Connect - Simplify Communication & Increase productivity.

Teachers strive to establish partnerships with parents to support student learning. Strong communication is fundamental to this partnership and to build a sense of community between home and school. BridgeParents is a One-stop-solution for all the communication needs. BridgeParents is safe, easy-to-use communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students and parents.

2. Attendance

Attendance marking & tracking in schools has been an exhausting and time-consuming task for years. Mobile application lets teachers take attendance on their palms and induces efficiency in time and attendance management process.

3. Examination (Schedule / Results)

Examinations play a critical role in the academic activities of many schools. BridgeParents Mobile App simplifies the marks entry. A teacher can login to mobile anytime/ anywhere and enter marks as and when she corrects the papers. Parent / Student can login or use Parental Mobile App to check schedule / results and data will be available throughout the year to compare the progress.

4. Fees Module

  • Automated email and SMS alerts to Parents about fees instalment due dates.

  • Streamline the process of fees receipt and payment management.

5. Reports & Marks Cards.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly attendance reports for efficient attendance management process.

  • Graphical performance analysis and comparative analysis for test and exams to identify areas of improvements.

  • Dashboard for overview of recent logins, exam schedules, messages sent and updates of student profiles for efficient management of day to day activities

  • State, CBSE and ICSE Marks Sheets and Transfer Certificates to reduce the manual efforts.

6. Timeline

The memories that you create in school are of great importance. The bonds that are created in school/college are the strongest and need to be cherished.

7. Calendar

Calendar is used to organize and keep track of your messages, exams, tests, games or school club activities, holidays and other events.

8. Timetable

Online notice boards are highly effective in giving students, parents, and admins the opportunity for real-time communication.


BridgeParents makes it easier for teachers, administrators, parents and students to get a coherent picture of the students progress by giving more options to get involved, informed and make learning process more engaging for students.